Follow publicly-traded Fintech companies to front-run market trends and identify investment opportunities

The last couple of years were extremely productive in terms of Fintech companies going public: Upstart (December, 2020), Affirm (January, 2021), Coinbase (April, 2021), Marqeta (June, 2021), Robinhood (July, 2021) and Nubank (December, 2021) are just the most notable ones, while the list is much longer. The services that these companies offer range from consumer lending, to payments, to investments, to software and cover pretty much every surface of the Fintech attack on legacy players.

I have identified over 40 publicly traded Fintech companies across multiple segments (Payments, Consumer lending, Infrastructure, and Investing) and will follow their journey in this newsletter: will describe what they do, break down how they make money, as well as report on their progress after quarterly earnings calls and other major milestones. I also expect the list to expand over time, as more Fintech companies go public (personally, cannot wait for the IPOs of Stripe and Chime).

So if you are as excited about the Fintech revolution as me, subscribe to this newsletter, and let’s follow this journey together!


Disclosure & Disclaimer: I own shares in several companies that I write about in this newsletter, as I am bullish on the transformation in the financial services industry. However, information contained in this newsletter is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. You should do your own research or seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.


Jevgenijs Kazanins
I write about publicly traded Fintech companies at Previously built and scaled financial products at Luminor Bank, a Blackstone portfolio company, and TWINO, a leading European peer-to-peer lender.